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Jam With Mr. Honan!

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The Shredding
The Choads a.k.a Kanari
This was from the best Mar Vista High Guitar Club live performance ever. This was a group called the Choads with Gabriel Garcia on guitar and vocals, Ray Guzman on guitar, Fernando Garcia on bass and Mike Khamo on drums in a performance in May of 2005. They changed their name to Kanari and more information can be found about them at (yes, myspace is still around)
Oye Mi Amor
Rock and Roll
Amores Lejanos
Borracho y Loco
Guitarras Blancas
Dear Diary
Same In The End
Slava; Russia's gift to the MVHGC
Slava Lozovoy was an exchange student from Russia who taught myself and other students a lot about Russia., how guitars and metal music were very popular there, the daily life of the average Russian, and had a political awareness that was lacking in the average American student. He had a wild and crazy side that you can see from his performance with the band Swine Flu's song-Black Metal. Swine flu has their own story, coming up next.
Swine Flu was composed of Kenny Rouen on guitar, Jacob Marquez on bass, and Josh Gonsalez. Tight and talented, these musicians spent 4 years in the MVHGC and it was extremely rewarding to see their talents and abilities grow over the years. Jacob Marquez took the prize for showmanship and stage presence
Black Metal/Swine Flu
I'd Rather Be Sleeping/Swine Flu
You Say I'm Scum/Swine Flu
Given Question/Swine Flu
Bubble Butt/Swine Flu
Cyco Vision/Swine Flu
Aren't You Hungry/Swine Flu
Slava Lozovoy
Jacob Marquez
Josh Gonsalez
Kenny Rouen
El es de Brazil!
The Music of Yago
Yago Duarte spent 4 years in the MVHGC. Originally from Brazil, he spoke 3 languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese) , played drums, guitar, vocals and was a relentless musical empressario with that unique ability of being able to motivate and organize other musicians to play the popular music of the day
Moves Like Jagger
American Idiot
Li'l Wayne song
Sublime Tribute Concert
Guitar Night 2011
Yago Duarte
The Guitar Class
of 2013-2014
Gabriel S
Gabriel V
Guitar Night 2014
The Storm Troopers
The Loser Unit
The Pasta Experience
Country of Origin
Mr. E
The Abcents
Los Promstars
The Funky Boys
Guitar Night 2009
Guitar Night Photos
Nature/Chris Bahena
Elvido/ Joel Corrales
Afro-Cuban Lullaby/Joel Corrales
Dust in the Wind/Miguel Lopez and Mytzuky
Just the Other Day/ Second Order of Business
How Do You Feel/Second Order of Business
Song of the Night/ Second Order of Business
Nothing Else Matters/Disposable Heroes
Breakin' the Law/Disposable Heroes
Iron Man/Disposable Heroes
Walk/ Disposable Heroes
Playhouse Jam/Featherbrains
Fork on my Plate/Featherbrains
Coffee Shop/Featherbrains
Whispers of Violence/Within the Swarm
Your Petty Existence/Within the Swarm
I'd Rather Be Sleeping/Swine Flu
You Say I'm Scum/Swine Flu
Given Question/Swine Flu
Bubble Butt/Swine Flu
Cyco Vision/Swine Flu
Aren't You Hungry/Swine Flu
Black Metal/Swine Flu
The Guitar Class of 2014-2015
Guy Russell
Michelle Alexandre
Priscilla Hurtado
Daniella Perez
Raul Ojeda
Leonard Fernandez
The Other Side
Juan Nava
Brandon Reed
Armando De Mars
Cesar Sanchez
Ariana Castro
Dafne Morales
Sarah Meza
Kiahna Cordero
Mo Mattes
Vince Fierro
Guitar Night 2008
Ashes of the Wake/ Sheep of Christ
The Ocean/ The Classic Rock Experience
Music of Man/ Hawaiian Ice
Purple Haze/ The Classic Rock Experience
Voodoo Child/ The Classic Rock Experience
Have You Ever Finished A Game of Monopoly? Cause I Haven't/ Corpucus
The Getaway/ Hawaiian Ice
I Am An MC/ Hawaiian Ice
Miguel Lopez
4th Annual Imperial Beach Relay for Life
June 6, 2009
The MVH Guitar Club played at the IB
Relay for Life. Here are links to some of
their performances
We're Not Gonna' Take It
Stray Cat Strut
I Saw Her Standing There
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Lunchtime Quad Performance
November 7, 2007
Ashes of the Wake/Sheep of Christ
Contact MVHGC
Guitar Night 2015
Gabriel Saldana
Brandon Brown and Lashanda Tellei
Ryan Weiber
Brandon Labit
Boys on the Run
The Other Side
The Bad Kids
The Zapatistas
Still Palms
The Guitar Class of 2007-2008
Patience/Arnold Barajas
High and Dry/Erika Munoz
Greensleeves/Robert Maldonado
Waltz/Robert Maldonado
Nothing Else Matters/Roberto Partida
Ring of Fire/ Rafael Tapia-Bravo,Jesus Fematt, Brenda Bolanos, Alfonso Medrano, Jorge Medina
Fell in Love With A Girl/ Ernie Sanchez, Albert Ludwig, Max Uribe
Fell in Love With A Girl (Experimental Version)/See above
Emily/Israel Rodriguez
Requiem for a Dream/Chris Bahena
Era of the Legend/Aldo Ramirez, Yesua Castaneda
Backscales/Angel Martinez, Josh McGrath
Say It Ain't So/Paul May, Chris Aguirre, Jose Velez, Hector Alexandre
China Girl/Rafael Tapia-Bravo
Breezy/Miguel Lopez
Eddie's Song/Eddie Galvan
I Believe I Can Fly/Udena Weesakera, Ian Fernandez
Die, Die, My Darling/Jose Valencia