The Rewards of Teaching

After 25 years of the stressful and exhausting job of teaching, I wondered what I had accomplished. Out of desperation, I pulled out a folder of student Testimonials that I had received throughout the years. Reading them made me see what I had accomplished. These Testimonials are listed below. These are the Rewards of Teaching.

Most of my students had a first language other than English and were able to make their point despite small grammatical errors which I believe is a testament to their progress. These small grammatical errors have been preserved.
Peter John Honan

Mr. Honan
Thank you for showing me everything that our economy goes through. I know that all the things you have showed me will be useful in the future. Keep on being the coolest teacher, and show other students what you showed me. Make them successful students like me.
Josefina Duenas

Top 5 reasons why Mr. Honan is inspirational;
1. He encourages me to try harder in school.
2. He always offers things to learn about
3. He teaches and encourages playing instruments.
4. He inspires people to learn more about their government.
5. He teaches a Gov. and Economic class to enlighten highschoolers.
Mr. Honan you are a good teacher I like your work because I like to be teacher like you. You are my best teacher.
Maria Ortiz Ruiz

Dear Mr. Honan:
I would like to thank you for teaching me how to use large power tools the right way. This skill may help me keep my fingers in your class and possible future jobs. I really like your class and the way you teach it.
Your pupil,
Michael Hayes

Dr. Mr. Honan,
I would like to say Thank You for teaching me about the history of the United States. Your class is one of my favorite! It's educational and fun at the same time! I think you are a great person & a wonderful teacher. This is my last week of school, so I'm really sad, but I hope to come back sometime, I'll have a lot of warm memories of your class. I know that it might be hard to teach sometimes, but you do a wonderful job! Thank you!!!
Natalia Ivanova

Dear Mr. Honan
Thank you for taking your time to teach the guitar class. I would also like to thank you for letting us use the equipment.
Adam Aceves

Mr. Honan
I would like to thank you for being a great teacher! even though I never had the chance to have you as a teacher. But I have heard great things that you do! From the bottom of my heart I thank you!
Crystal Duarte
8th grade student

Mr. Honan
I thought about my actions in your class, and I now realize that I regret doing what I have done. I am deeply truly sorry for acting immature and being a nuisance towards you and my fellow classmates. I t was rude, obnoxious, immature & completely uncalled for. I did not intend to disrupt the learning process. You deserve respect and the right to teach and every student deserves the right to learn. I'd like to make it up to you & will sincerely try not to cause disruption for the rest of the year. I promise not to write and letters in class or do anything to disrupt the learning process. I hope you'll accept my apology and that there will be hope for a better learning environment in the future.
Alexis Salazar

Mr. Honan is a valued teacher at Mar Vista High. He is part of our Social Science Department and possesses great knowledge in a number of areas. A few of these are Economics, United States History and Guitar. His students are introduced to their lesson with the assistance of the daily agenda posted on the board. The class discussions are engaging and informative which is a result of his subject mastery. Past lessons are also revisited with a Word Wall, which is a great vocabulary tool. Mr. Honan incorporates all students into his lessons by using index cards to call on students for participation. These same students have their work posted on the walls to display to visitors and classmates. Mr. Honan is an asset to our school and to our students.
Froylan Villanueva
Assistant Principal

I wish you a very happy Teacher 's Day and thank you for being a very nice and great teacher
Adrianna Preciado

You're a great teacher. Don't change.
Your best student
Carlos Ceballos

Thank you for caring about your students especially me!
Joey Franco

You should be the teacher of the year Mr. Honan
Mario Rosales

You're the best teacher in the whole wide world!
Karla Pina

I would not fail because to be a good student, you need a good teacher like yourself
Joan Villela

Thank you for all the help and worring about our education. You will be missed.
Alex Pena

Thanks of being such a cool teacher Mr. Honan. Your student #1
Maria Aguilar

I wish you a happy teacher's day and many more. Thank you for all the help that you give me.
Mildred Millan

Thanks for teaching me guitar! Keep rockin!
Rene Mancera

Your class is my favorite class of the day I would prefer to have class on minimum days also, even if we get out early. I would like to have an extra year or a few extra years of the class.
Jonathan Alcantara

Dearest Mr. Honan,
Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! Thank you for all your help in teaching me how to be a better guitar player. Your the best.
No name

Dear Mr. Honan
With Thanksgiving coming up, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being an awesome teacher with me and for teaching me valuable stuff. I remember one time when we played during lunch and you helped us organize everything. I had a lot of fun that day; it was very cool. To me this anecdote demonstrates that you've helped me a lot. Thank you for teaching me good useful stuff. Thank you again, and Happy Thanksgiving!
Leo Castro

Dear Mr. Honan:
With Thanksgiving coming up I want to take this opportunity to thank you for having a everyone-learns-at-their-own-pace class. It really opened my eyes to things. You are by far the coolest teacher I've had.
I remember one time when you tested me on barre chords my first day. I was so lost. You were patient with me and told me to go slow, even though my fingers were getting all clumsy-like. At the time I was wondering why you don't teach us as a whole class, but now I understand. To me , this anecdote demonstrates how much you care for your students but in your own way. Thank you again and happy Thanksgiving!
Calia Tcha

Dear Mr. Honan
I appreciate that you inform me about a lot of things. Every time I go to your class I have fun and I learn a lot. You are a wonderful, funny, knowledge filled person. You are an awesome teacher and musician. I hope to have you as a teacher again.
Kenya Palacios

Dear Mr. Honan
Thank you for being a chill teacher. It's funny when you attempt to crack jokes. I love it when you give us free time. I like your class because it's chill and easy to pass. I will always remember you.
Neondra Flournoy

Dear Mr. Honan,
Thank you for being a great fun teacher. It's funny when you tell us jokes. I love it when you play the piano and guitar. I like your class because you show us good movies. I will always remember the movies you showed us.
Jessyca Mendoza

Dear Mr. Honan
Today I was supposed to write a thank you letter to any staff member at this school. I chose you because of the opportunities you give me to practice playing during lunch and after school. If it weren't for you, I would have almost no experience playing with a band. Thank you also for letting me perform as a a community service opportunity. Sorry again for bailing out last time. Definitely won't happen again.
Nestor Martinez

Dear Mr. Honan, thanks for all the advice and knowledge about music and life. I never would have gotten this far if it weren't for you. Thanks for all the opportunities and chances you have given me to pursue my dreams. Much appreciation.
Vincent Fierro

Dear Mr. Honan,
Guitar class has always been the class that no matter what, I walk in your class and it makes my day. I always get to clear my head when you assign me an assignment. Thanks for explaining the things I did not know then. Thank you for always having whatever tool I need, and if you don't you would buy new ones. For example. you taught me how to fix a guitar and when I learned, I realized I was missing some tools. All I did was tell you and the very next day, you got brand new tools. I know you don't hear this enough but you are a great teacher. We could use more teachers like you in this school. Thanks for being the special kind of teacher you are! Have a great Christmas.
Dinzon Ladrillano

Mr. Honan.
I want to thank you for all the things you've teached me and I am grateful for it. It is a pleasure to be in class and I will honestly miss you.
Christian Oliva

Mr. Honan makes learning fun and doesn't only teach us everything from a book but also how to reverse engineer.
Georgina Godoy

Mr. Honan is hands down the BEST teacher on campus. I greatly appreciate you
Daniel Garcia

You taught me a lot when it came to Government and Economics. Your one of my favorite teachers, your really a good teacher and don't let anyone tell you less. Thank you
Janiah Jamison

Your're so amazing. Great teacher. Always offering x credit opportunities. Great Investor. Dedicated. Interesting way of thinking. Giving. Admire that you speak your mind. Funny! Super kind. Great teacher.
Lizbeth Ruelas

Thank you so much for everything. One of the most important things that high school teachers may forget to teach their students is how the world is going to be. So I like how you give us great advice on how to deal with things that are going to be thrown at us, or just telling us the best tactics to getting a job, or how to handle financial stuff and simply keep fighting to stay happy and not feel sorry for ourselves. And to also speak up when something is not right, and to not be afraid to do it as well.
Samuel Angulo

Dear Mr. Honan
Thank you for teaching me how to play the guitar. This means a lot to play a guitar and which you taught me. Then you taught me how to change a guitar string for an acoustic and electric guitar. Having a teacher like you for guitar makes me happy while im playing my guitar
So then thank you,
Omar Lazares

What up Mr. Honan. I'd just like to say thank you for teaching me in the ways of Governomics. More importantly I'd like to thank you for trying to teach me guitar, it was fun while it lasted but I realized that drums are more my thing. So thank you letting me play on your set. You are a dope ass teacher. I hope to visit you as a famous rockstar one day. Stay excellent Mr. Honan
Josh Navarro

Thank you Mr. Honan
You are so funny! I respect you. You make it easy to learn. You make class entertaining. Taught me how to speak up. You make learning fun! You are the best! I look forward to your class!
Leslie Arellano

Thanks for being such a cool teacher! Thank you!
Sylvia Saldana

Mr. Honan, It has been a pleasure being your student for this year. You have taught me so much, and not only me my fellow classmates also. You have shown me what money really means. Most of all know what time it is.
Julio Lujan

Thank you for teaching me economics and government, you have showed me what United States is all about, you have made me ready for the real world. Thank you for opening our eyes more. This was one of my favorite classes. Thank you so much!
Victoria Matsui

Dear Mr. Honan
Thank you teaching me government and economics because my conservative parents won't Thank you.
Diego Martinez

Dear Mr Honan
Thank you for teaching me how to play guitar, it has been a real stress reliever, thank you for being a wise teacher to all of us, you're really laid back and you talk about really useful topic that'll have us make better decisions in life. You also inspire me to somehow become a musician one day if I put a lot of hard work into it. You inspire students like me to become better in life, you open students eye's to the real world and what we need to hear. Thank you for opening my eyes to reality and thank you very much for letting me in one of my favorite interests.
Love Marquis

Dear Mr. Honan of my Period 6 Guitar Club
Thank you for helping me with my pursuit in music you have given me a lot of tips and lots of opportunities to pursue in music. Also thank you for showing me that I can play any instrument if I practice. You are the best and most chill teachers on campus. I thank you for all the opportunities and for helping me pursue and play music.
Vincent Fierro

Thank you Mr. Honan for giving me guitar strings whenever my strings snappes.
Josh Gonzales

Thanks for putting up with me.
Scott Howrey

Mr. Honan,
It has been awesome being in your class for my Senior year. This class has been enjoyable and challenging. This has also been the class I have participated most than the rest of my classes.
Adrian Cadena

Throughout my Senior, I did not have that many teachers that made me connect with after high school. But in your class, you pretty much simulated how real life is going to be like. Some teachers say it is going to be an infernal life, or others say it won't be that bad, but I know that's not true. You taught us all to pretty much live in the world after high school. You taught us if we wanted to succeed, we would have to start caring for ourselves. Thanks Mr. Honan
Anthony D. Pimentel

Hi Mr. Honan, I just wanted to say thank you for being an awesome teacher and for being honest & straight up.
Ashley Burgos

Thank you for being a great teacher and having lots of patience with your students. Keep being a great teacher and good luck next year
Alexa Bautizta

Thank you Mr. Honan for showing me my vote counts, and I will be heard. I have learned that utilizing my amendments will help me in the future.
Roman Marquez

Thank you for teaching me new things everyday and putting up with our craziness all year long!
Elizabeth M.

Mr. Honan,
I'm writing this letter to thank you for all the money info in Economics. I was in your 1st semester-2nd period. Most of those students didn't pay much attention, but they're going to wish they had in a few years. And even though it didn't seem like I was paying attention, I listened to a lot of the info you had to give. And I think you'll be happy to know that most of the songs playing in my headphones consisted of "No Quarter" and "Another Brick in the Wall" Thanks for being a cool teacher.
Your student, friend and fellow Zeppelin fan,
Fernando Granados

To: Mr. Honan From:Andy that bassist that bugs you every day at nutrition break and lunch. Thank you for being the best guitar teacher/player I know. Thank you letting me, Phil, Nick, Stephani, Kevin and Brandon play at Guitar Night. We had the best time EVER! Thank you for making my freshman year the best time!
R. Andy Latalia

To Whom It May Concern,
June 11th, 1997
2121 Valley Mill Rd.
El Cajon CA 92020
I am writing in regard to my son, Michael F. Hayes and the tremendously gifted teacher who has so positively influenced this boy. Before Michael entered this class in February he was considered by most as performing below his abilities, difficult etc. After 2 months in Mr. Honan's class Michael's personality and grades showed rapid improvement. Mr. Honan has a rare gift which empower the student with an increase in self-esteem and knowledge. I don't know if another teacher as talented will come along in my son's life. After attempting to raise four children in both private and public schools there has only been one other teacher-out of hundreds-that has been a blessing for this family. I feel there is nothing more difficult in this country today than a boy entering adolescence. What happens here in these critical years is truly the formation of tomorrow's man. My son's entrance into Parkway was catastrophic. These past four months under the stable influence of Mr. Honan have improved Michael beyond the school day. Please look at your campus today, and if you see a boy who stands taller, laughs louder and works harder I suspect he has been a student in Mr. Honan's Shop class. Parkway cannot afford to lose its most valuable asset.
H. Hayes and Family

Mr. Honan

I wrote a message on MVH all staff but I want to thank you especially for all you did for Chris. You had him for 3 years in Guitar class. I just could not believe how he played the guitar on Guitar Night and for his final. It was your class making him research and write about musicians, that helped him learn how to write essays. You have always been so kind and understanding, yet firm with him. He's earned his diploma from high school and you were a big part of helping to make that happen. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything and for being the great teacher that Chris and so many other kids need. Your approval means everything to Chris. He was so excited about your kind words for him at Guitar Night. There is really nothing I can do or say to show how much Chris and I appreciate you. Thank you so very very much. Chris got a PTSA scholarship of $500 last night because of his great improvements he made since freshman year. I really believe you helped Chris improve to that point.

Dear Mr. Honan
Thank you for everything you have done for me. It has been or is the coolest class I ever had in years because I do what I like the most-sharpen the guitar. I wish I had World Geography but I don't but you look like pretty cool teacher. The stuff I learn in the class it has really help me in practicing. For example the notes and the scales. I hope my dream comes true which is to get a record deal by Capitol Records. That is going to be extremely hard but is possible. The band where I am we started to play in coffee shops. Thank you for the rides you game me home and every thing.
Your Student

Thank you Mr. Honan for havin' us well-teached and happy throughout the year. You're a great person, a fantastic human being, a great person, a wonderful teacher. I appreciated everything you taught and other stuff you showed us! A great musician, a humble being! Muchisimas gracias! Hope someday I come and hear all the music you know! Rock & Roll! Yeah! You're so smart! I admire the way you do stuff! You should run for President someday! See you later,
Your ex-student
Felipe Correa