Who Ya Gonna Call?
There are many government agencies that regulate school districts and there are many laws that school districts have to obey. But most of these government agencies will not go after a school district unless they receive complaints from employees, taxpayers, or residents of that school district. Therefore, if these groups have grievances, they must be proactive and "petition the Government for a redress of grievances." (Bill of Rights, First Amendment). The following links are meant to facilitate the right of "redress of grievances" that we as Americans are so lucky to have.

San Diego County Grand Jury
Their Mission Statement reads "To protect and safeguard the citizens of San Diego County from corrupt and inefficient governmental programs of the County, cities and special districts by investigating the operations of these agencies and reporting findings and recommendations." The Grand Jury is currently investigating the Sweetwater School District.

Western Association of Schools and Colleges. They are responsible for accrediting all public and private schools in California, Hawaii and U.S. possessions in the Pacific. Accreditation means that an institution meets established criteria or standards and is achieving its own stated objectives. There is a real question that Sweetwater, under its present board, can do that.

California Attorney General's Office
The State Attorney General performs an important oversight function over local law enforcement agencies. The current Attorney General, Bill Lockyer, is particularly aggressive in pursuing corruption and criminality.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Their mission is to "save lives, prevent injuries and protect the health of America's workers."
If you are suffering from rashes or other illnesses from black mold or other infestations, OSHA is who you call.

California Department of Health Services
Many school nurses in the district have been complaining about the lack of money they receive for supplies and services. The district supposedly receives huge sums of money from the state Medi-cal program that is not getting to the school nurses who need it. The DHS runs a Medi-cal Fraud Prevention Unit that goes after individuals and providers who misuse Medi-cal funding.

The Government Accounting Office
The GAO is the investigative and oversight arm of the U.S. Congress. The district receives millions of dollars from the federal government each year for the Title I programs which provide money to help educate low-income students. The district overseer of Title I money was recently forced from her position (Mary Ann Weegar). I wonder why that happened?

The California Fair Political Practices Commission
Although it may not seem like it, there ARE rules and laws about money in politics, and the FPPC is responsible for upholding them.