The Grounded Guitar - The first book written by a classroom guitar teacher for classroom guitar teachers.
Teaching guitar in the classroom is becoming more and more popular in today’s schools. The guitar is the world’s most popular musical instrument and is found in every country in the world and in every musical style. Music is more accessible to young people through electronic media and the Internet so it is a bigger part of their lives than ever before. A class for guitar can be a powerful way to reach students who may not otherwise be motivated about attending school. These are students who do not identify with the traditional school setting but seek their refuge in and inspiration from music. A guitar class can oftentimes be an incentive for these students to come to school and give them a sense of belonging that they may not otherwise have.

Guitar classes are popping up more and more in schools but teachers assigned to teach them are discovering that there are no books written for the classroom guitar teacher. Plus the guitar books on the general market run through the same tired formula of teaching the guitar while teaching how to read music, something that even most professional guitarists never do.

While learning to read music is not necessary to play guitar, learning music theory is. Music theory involves learning the concepts of notes, sharps, flats, scales, keys, intervals, chords, triads and melody and harmony. This book covers all of these concepts without the need to learn music notation.
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