Black Mold Infestation at Chula Vista Middle
Sources at Chula Vista Middle report a Black Mold infestation above the adopted PE and ASB rooms which has made many employees at the school ill and contaminated an ice-making machine that provided ice for soft drinks sold to students.

The black mold may be Stachybotrys Chartarum, the toxic mold variety which grows in moist environments and on materials high in cellulose, such as ceiling tile or fiberboard. The mold completely wore through parts of the ceiling above the ice making machine (see photos below). A diagnosis of the mold done by a firm hired by the district confirms that it contaminated the ice-making machine.

Sources at Chula Vista Middle state that they have been informing the district about the problem for the last eight years but the district has done nothing about it, choosing to spend repair money approved by voters on a new administration building and a new locker room.