Record Spending Increases in the Sweetwater District
In this time of shrinking school budgets, its nice to know that the spending for SOMETHING has gone up. That something is SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS. In election years 1998 and 2000, the five board members of the Sweetwater Union High School District collected a total of $142,449.15 from their special interest contributors. In election years 2000 and 2002, the latest election cycle, the five board members collected a total of $196,680, an increase of 38%. This reflects a growing realization among special interests of the $285 million dollar annual budget that the board members control. And a realization that the proper amount of contributions will guarantee them a pig's place at the feeding trough of public funds controlled by the school board members.

Who are these special interests? See The Sweetwater District Money Trail

For more details on the hottest investments in the South Bay-Sweetwater District school board members, see the following

Arlie Joins the Club
PAC Donor Data Base 1998, 2000
Board Member Donor Data Base, 1998, 2000
Board Member Donor Data Base, 2002
Greg Sandoval's Form 490, Campaign Disclosure Statement 1998
Jim Cartmill's Form 490, Campaign Disclosure Statement, 1998
Arlie Ricasa Form 490 Campaign Disclosure Statement, Summary 2002
Jose Brosz, Greg Sandoval's Campaign Manager and future Principal of Otay Ranch High School